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          1、 A tool for brewing wine. To successfully brew good wine, there are not many things needed, such as koji, grains, and small household brewing equipment. The essence of koji is brewing yeast, which functions to break down the nutrients (starch and sugars) in grains and ferment them into wine. In the actual operation process, it is only necessary to add koji to steamed or cooked grains in a certain proportion. During the fermentation process, it is only necessary to control the temperature well to achieve normal natural fermentation. After about 10 to 15 days of fermentation, the grains can be taken out and placed in the brewing equipment. At this time, only heating the brewing equipment (traditional stoves or induction cookers can be used) is needed to produce the liquor.



          2、 The process of brewing wine. As you can see, the process of brewing is actually very simple, which is to decompose the grains in the koji and then use brewing equipment to distill the liquor. In order to improve the quality of wine, there are also processes such as re steaming, bacterial cultivation, and saccharification. This is because traditional koji fermentation has low fermentation capacity and weak saccharification and saccharification abilities.


          3、 Alcohol production rate. Some masters, before opening a distillery, always believed that the less pure alcohol produced from the same amount of grain, the better the quality of the wine. Actually, it is a completely opposite concept. Only failed grains produce low alcohol and poor taste. Successful drinking not only results in a high alcohol production rate, but also a mellow taste, which is directly proportional to each other. This is because good wine is brewed in a good environment, including appropriate fermentation temperature, appropriate amount of yeast, etc. The appropriate temperature has a great impact on the growth of brewing yeast. Proper temperature not only makes yeast grow faster, resulting in a higher alcohol content, but also enhances the ability of fully developed brewing yeast to produce aroma substances. Similarly, it can be seen that good wine yeast is also the key to successful brewing.


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